Flame Hardening

  • Rope Drums and Sheaves
  • Rolls. Tubes and Shafts
  • Gears
  • Progressive Hardening
  • Spin Hardening
  • Wheels
  • Flanged Wheels
  • Flat Wheels

Induction Hardening

CNC Vertical Scanning
Induction Heating/Hardening utilizes a high frequency electric current passed through a coil surrounding the part to be hardened. By accurately controlling the power level, temperature, and time we are able to locally harden parts to meet stringent manufacturers requirements with repeatability and quality.

Precision Straightening

Thermo Bond offers Precision Straightening for our customers. After Flame/Induction hardening some parts may encounter distortion. We are able to straighten these parts to close tolerences. Thermo Bond has a range of presses up to 150 ton. We also accept straightening orders only.